Statements, smart meters updating etc etc etc

Seems the only way to get a reply from a bulb team member is to start your own thread.

My smart meters were installed the end of September. Seemed to be working ok and I was able to see usage readings regular on my online bulb account. They continue to show on my IHD but have stopped uploading to my bulb account. That’s my first issue.

My second is that I receive no statements whatsoever since the smart meters were installed and my account constantly builds up credit month to month.

I spoke to a member of staff on the phone two weeks ago who told me it was being fixed and would take a few days. It didn’t.

I contacted a member of the chat team last week and was advised the member of staff I spoke to on the phone was still dealing with it. Conversation ended.

I’m being totally left in the dark by bulb and it’s pretty poor service to be honest and going by the many similar posts on here I’m definitely not alone with these problems.

Sort yourselves out bulb.

Bump for bulb admin to see