Why do you issue a statement dated 2 Feb 18 on the 1 Feb 18 showing a debit balance when the payment in has been made today? I can read through the statement and understand that there isn’t in fact any money owing but I cannot understand why a statement is produced that doesn’t reflect the true position. Your customer service lines closing at 6.00pm is not much use and your email response is slow.

This is an interesting situation and something I also noticed today.

As an aside note, although MyBulb on the web shows credit, the (Android) app currently shows a debit, and nothing has been requested from my bank yet (Monzo via Direct Debit, which should appear instantly - had the same issue with the top-up).

Hi @keith

The important dates on the statement are the dates shown on both the “For the period” section and then the individual sections showing the “Elec Use In Detail” and “Gas Use in Detail” with the dates of the meter reads showing the dates of the opening and closing reads.

The statement is reflecting that period of time, with the payment being made on the first day of the period (slightly different in your case as you changed the payment date) then usage during that period which total to a reduction to your account balance based on the readings provided.

The statement date is listed on the statement however the statement is usually issued the day before that date. The statement date is the last date that we are able to issue that statement to you.

The true position at that point of time is shown in the statement, with the payment afterwards not being relevant until next month around.

Hope that’s clear for you.

@“Rob at Bulb”, if this thread was a drinking game for the word statement, I’d be under the table!

Any thoughts on my debit/credit visibility situation?
(as an aside, the payment was requested from my bank on the 2nd at 04:09, a day later than I’d have expected)

@mowcius I think it’s because of a gap in time on the day of a payment request. Our billing system requests debit card payments at 8pm, so before 8pm, there can be a discrepancy between the way your account balance appears on the app vs the MyBulb online account. (One shows a payment that is gonna be requested at 8pm and thus is still pending, whereas the other doesn’t show a payment until it’s been successfully taken. I think…) That all said, I’m a little confused by your particular situation given the fact it was happening the day before your payment came out. I’m going to monitor it on my Bulb app / MyBulb account around the day Bulb takes my payment.

I'm going to monitor it on my Bulb app / MyBulb account around the day Bulb takes my payment.
I'll let you know what happens to my account at the start of March.

@keith we’ve looked into this further and noticed that our statements often had the incorrect date. As you noticed, they had the [correct date] + 1.

We’ve changed this, and in the future, we will issue a statement dated 1 Feb 18 on 1 Feb 18.

I think we owe you an apology, as neither @“Rob at Bulb” nor I noticed that the statements were sometimes mis-dated. Which was the main topic of your post! I think Rob and I were so focused on explaining the minutia of the bill that we were somehow blind to the date issue, a bit like viewers counting passes in the famous selective attention experiment