Please can you explain my statements.
I received an email from you yesterday saying I was £70+ in debit on my account, because of this I made an extra payment of £50 however, checking my account I’ve paid 3 x £115 + £5 ? + £50 yesterday totalling £400, yet you’ve billed me £152.03 + £153.83 total £305.86 for the same period, this would leave me over £94 in credit on this account, so why did you send me the email saying I was £70+ in debit ?
Also, because as I understand it you are not taking readings from my smart meter where have you got the sums of £152.03 + £153.83 ?
It seems to me you are billing and sending out incorrect emails without justification, please explain otherwise I will terminate my contract with yourselves

@Mr_Royle we shy away from discussing financials in depth on a public forum like the Community, but I’ll go ahead in this case, given that you’ve listed the pertinent figures already.

You made two payments of £115 and received £5 goodwill credit from us. There are also two payments still pending – one more monthly payment of £115 and your top-up payment of £50.

We calculate £152.03 + £153.83 usage.

So your balance is £115 + £115 + £5 - £152.03 - £153.83 = - £70.86

Regarding how we calculate usage, when we do not receive meter readings from you, we use estimates based on the historical usage profile of your meters, data which we access from a shared inter-supplier database maintained by the grid’s governors (Xoserve in the case of gas, and Ecoes in the case of elec). You can submit meter readings here.