I switched to Bulb months ago. The company seems to enjoy my payments. Doesn’t bother to provide any usage details. I have provided meter readings. Too much to ask for my account balance without having to post messages pleading for support. How about a refund while your at it.

Are you saying that if you go into your “Payments & statements” there is no information relating to what you have paid to Bulb or any sign of any statements?

If you can’t see anything how do you know you are entitled to a refund?

Since you supply meter readings to Bulb do you get confirmation emails advising they have been received?

Silly me. I have no idea of my payments vs usage historically. I also made it up about not receiving statements of course. Posting pointless enquiries is a hobby of mine.

I appreciate the jest, lightens my day.

A simple response will suffice to my offer to help.

So I will try again, Yes or No , is there anything in your “Payments & statements” account dashboard?

Yes or No, do you receive the monthly emails from Bulb advising your “Your Bulb Account update”