I last received a statement dated 15/6/18 to 14/8/18. Can someone please explain how and when statements are produced. As far as I am aware I send very regular meter readings.

Hi @EllieMay123,

Bulb should supply monthly bills/statements. However, if more information ‘comes to light’ after a bill has been produced (for example, you provide an actual meter reading after months of just estimates - this will involve things ‘being backtracked’ to correct trends, or if the ‘independent meter regulator’ says something is slightly wrong), then the bills from the ‘base date’ will be regenerated.

However, I believe Bulb’s systems are a little bit on the ‘trigger happy’ side and over-compensate/calculate things (which does result in more ‘accurate’ bills, but does therefore result in more reissues). When you provide a meter reading, it will always be ‘out’ from the ‘exact billing date/time’ (i.e. you provide a meter reading a day or two before the bill is produced - or even a minute before it is calculated) and therefore there will always be a little bit of ‘estimated usage’ in the bills. After a few months, Bulb’s systems will run average usage calculations and realise that the extra 2 units in ‘May’ it calculated you used in the time was likely incorrect and you probably used 1 unit in May and the other 1 unit in June. Therefore May’s bill was incorrect and all subsequent bills were incorrect - and so they get reissued… Which can be confusing for us customers…

At least that’s my thinking based on the little I know (as a customer) of Bulb’s systems and the utility industry.

In fact, when this happened on in June to me and I queried it, Ralf at Bulb replied:

Thanks for your message. Your meter readings always have to be verified by the gas transporter and electricity network operator respectively. Normally, that's done very quickly within a day or two, but sometimes, it can take a few days longer. In that case, we may have already created a bill that then needs to be re-issued - we always need to correct a bill when the status of a meter reading changes.

In your case, the meter readings in question were on your previous bill. So, when the end of this bill period came around, we had to re-issue your old bill at the same time - in which case we create a consolidated bill for the previous two months. That’s why your credit note is the same value as the previous month’s bill.

I was also providing weekly meter readings at the time (at the moment, I’m currently doing monthly) and did query why only 4 readings were shown on the bill (I’ve included this bit as it may also be relevant to you):

On our bills, we always show a maximum of 4 meter readings - one reading at the beginning of the billing period and then the last 3 readings during the billing period. Because your billing period in this case was spread over 2 months with 10 meter readings, we couldn't list all of them on the bill. However, if you go to your Bulb account online ('Energy Usage'), you'll find all the readings listed. I absolutely take your point regarding the price change - because we have so many meter readings from you, the charges on either tariff will be pretty accurate. And we do show the units on each tariff on the bill as well.