I have been with Bulb since February 2019 and have NEVER received a statement. Please could someone tell me why. Thanks

Because something is wrong with your account.

Any particular reason it’s taken you 6 months before querying the problem, given you’re supposed to receive monthly statements?

Best contact Bulb on Monday morning by phone or webchat to report the problem. You’d think that Bulb themselves would get notified automatically if the statement job for a customer has failed every month for 6 months, but their internal software and monitoring systems are useless.

Hi @Sophiamm,

I’ve sent you an email regarding this.

It looks like we’re missing some details on your meters required to bill you for this.



It looks like we're missing some details on your meters required to bill you for this.

I’ll ask my usual question that never gets a satisfactory answer.

Why doesn’t Bulb pick this up automatically? Surely your systems should be capable of automatically flagging when data necessary for billing is missing? When a monthly statement jobs fails to run and produce a bill, for whatever reason, why isn’t this flagged for a human to look at? This has been going on for 6 months! That’s 6 statements that should be been produced, but have failed, and not a single alert about a failed job has been flagged for review? If it has been flagged, why hasn’t anyone done anything about it?

It should not be necessary for a customer to flag a problem like this.

This is an ongoing systemic failure in the billing pipeline. Combined with several other common complaints on here it points to a poorly written billing system that is not fit for purpose. What is the timeline for the new Python billing and account management platform? Hopefully this isn’t going to go on for too long before you start migrating to the new platform, or customers are all just going to give up and go elsewhere.