Statment correction?

See the image. Any idea with whats going on?

Hi @izzyhunt,

I’m going to send you an email now so I can investigate this.

I am the same - it just says Statement Correction on my account and I have no idea what this means and how much I owe or I am in credit. I am so disappointed with Bulb. nothing is ever straight forward, smart meter has never worked in over a year, but no-one replies to any emails and now I am worry I owe you money as the statement is not clear in the slightest

Izzyhunt, you are not the only one who is wondering what is going on. I last had a downloadable statement in July 2019. I keep making payments but never receive any kind of statement of my account. I too have a statement correction and don’t know what it is for. So I would like to know when I am going to receive an accurate “Annual Bill”

Hi @Vanessa_F,

I’m really sorry for the frustrating situation. I’ve sent you an email so we can get this sorted.

I have a very similar situation, my account claims it is £1700+ in credit, which is pretty bizarre, and no statement generated for my latest monthly cycle.

Hi @RP1698

You’re right, that is quite bizarre - sorry about this. I’ll email you now to explain what has happened, so look out for that.

I used the online chat just now for a similar issue - loads of statement corrections, and now over £1000 in credit.
Apparently a statement was stuck in draft and has now been passed to billing to correct it.
Just checked my statement again and saw this (attached) lol

Not overly reassuring!
These meter readings apparently equate to 102,732 kWh :smile: image

I suspect this means somewhere, somehow, there’s a “meter has clocked” flag that has been set.

Therefore Bulb’s system has tried to allow for that (eg as if you’d gone from 98xxx to 01xxx). And I think it’s tried to deal with the price change on 1/4/2020, which is why there are two lots of Energy and Standing Charge items.

As your original reading is zero, I’m guessing that this was a new meter in 2019?

Correct - “smart” meter installed in April 2019. Didn’t get readings sent to bulb from it until October (my account was still showing estimates for the old meter). That was corrected (the ihd is another issue, ongoing) and had a few statement corrections back then, which got my account’s actual usage up to speed and usage and readings have been fine since then, until the mass of corrections last week (basically refunding every statement for the last 12 months). No idea why that was done.
I’ll happily take that £1000 credit though :grin:

My guess would be that this, the “clocked meter” symptom, and the “stuck in draft” statement are all connected. And someone at Bulb is going to have to unravel it all for you!

Hi @ryan4257

Wow - it definitely looks like something has gone wrong here.

I’m going to drop you an email so we can get to the bottom of it :grinning:

Thanks - it seems to have been fixed now.
Have had a reply from my online chat to say it was due to a set of incorrect electricity reads when the new meters were installed. I knew that was the case, because the wrong meter was showing on my account from April to October, but that was corrected and correct meter readings used back in October, so it was surprising to see.
I’m now £47 in credit, and the statement 12 month projection is more in line with what I’d expect.
The statement page of my account still suggests ~£130 would be my recommended monthly payment, but I imagine that’ll correct itself.

Shame, that £1000 credit could’ve bought me a new TV :smiley:
Now, if only this’ll trigger my IHD to start working…

Glad to hear the billing has now been sorted but sorry to hear about the TV :laughing:

I’ll look into the issue with your IHD now and get back to you about that