Stay at home survival tips

Hi Community!

As we’re now all firmly indoors for the next few weeks we want to know what stay-at-home survival tips you have :computer:

How’re you keeping yourself motivated?
Have you picked up a new hobby or pet peeve?
What’re your dos or don’ts for self-isolation?

Team Bulb will be adding our ideas so let us know how you’re getting on too! :earth_africa:




I actually have started to quite enjoy walking to the shop every few days for fresh fruit and veg. Turns out when you’re not allowed to go there, outside is quite a nice place :star_struck:

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Hey Oisin,

I’ve found getting outside for an early morning run, whilst keeping my 2m distance, is keeping my mood up. I’ve also been doing an evening yoga session which has helped me to switch off.

Few Do’s:

  • Have regular check-ins with your work colleagues and friends.
  • Turn off work at a set time in the evening.

And Don’t:

  • Worry about things outside of your control.
  • Stay in your pyjamas all day!
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A lunchtime read on the balcony has helped me keep chilled out, and make the most of the first week of nice weather all year! I’d definitely second exercising in the mornings as well

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By the time I’ve read all the emails from every organisation I’ve ever had dealings with, assuring me of their concern for my welfare - it’s time for bed. :smile:


Using all this spare time applying for government grants so I can by a supermarket! Oops.

Reading in the sun (if you can) is definitely a favourite of mine, a nice way to escape :open_book:

Great that you read these. Either you’ve been dealing with a lot of organisations, or you have a very early bedtime :bed:

I’m finally getting round to reading some books that have been on my bucket list for some time and I’ve just ordered some knitting needles so will hopefully be learning a new hobby as well :smile:

Any Books you’d recommend Gabby?

Just finished Supper Club - would definitely recommend. About to start The Topeka School which was recommended to me by Adam

The best evening I’ve had during the working from home period was when I hosted a virtual pub quiz for some friends. It was so funny and I highly recommend giving it a go.

Sample Question: Which environment is home to over half of the Earth’s species: ocean, desert or tropical rainforest? (no cheating)

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@Noah_at_Bulb Gotta be ocean? :ocean:

It’s actually the tropical rainforest :palm_tree: (I also thought it was the ocean)

But still nothing from Amazon. :thinking:

Strange, maybe you should write an email to them to see if they’re ok?

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Nah, I’m sure they’ll be alright. Some billionaires are losing money, but Bezos is still minting it.

My two daughters, one of whom is in Ireland, are playing various games via Skype. The older one is also giving her sister music lessons.
We have a chess board permanently set up, and Mrs kHz and I make a move as and when we feel like it, placing a marker on the last piece moved. Some games last several days!

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I love that idea of slow chess. I can imagine that would get extra competitive as time went on. Imagine the pain of seeing a checkmate coming but you have to wait hours before you’re put out your misery.

Also, I’ve heard great things about this guy. My gf is a nanny and her host kid loves him:

For anyone who has kids who like drawing I would 100% check it out. :paintbrush:

It’s certainly very competitive. Over the years it averages about 50/50.
As in any chess game, if there’s obviously no hope you can lay your king on its side to indicate resignation.