Stay at home survival tips

Very true, but if you’re stubborn like me it’s easier said than done.

I’m OK at chess but backgammon is my game :muscle:

I just watch my smart meter display reboot every one minute and forty eight seconds.

Well worth the £13Bn that smart meters are now costing to roll out.

One could think of all the worthwhile things £13Bn could have been used for e.g. several offshore wind farms.


Whatever floats your boat. :wink:
Dug out the scrabble board on Tuesday. Won, including 50 point bonus for using all seven tiles. Mrs kHz not amused!

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I’ve taken up yoga over the last week. :woman_cartwheeling:

I’m pretty wobbly at the moment but figured now is a great time to try and I’m sure I’ll be pro in no time. :crossed_fingers:

If you post a video we’ll be the judge of that. :wink:

I have been experimenting with some up-cycling, using fabric waste to make a new collar for my very old and loved denim jacket.

Next I think I will try a draught excluder, inspired from the latest Bulb blog post.