Step by step of joining Bulb

When you join Bulb there are a few weeks between signing up with us and the date that we start supplying your energy. We’ll let you know how it’s going and when we need a meter reading.

Note. During the roll out phase of Project Nexus, the switch process will take up to 30 days instead of the usual 21. This will affect sign ups that start between 11th May and 31st May 2017. Read more here.

Day 1 - You sign up with Bulb. We’ll send you a welcome pack with everything you need to know.
Day 9 - We’ll check in to let you know how the switch is going and give you a heads up that we’ll ask for a meter reading in a weeks time.
Day 16 - We’ll ask you for your first meter reading to make sure our billing is as accurate as possible. We’ll remind you over the next few days if we don’t get a reading.
Day 19 - We’ll remind you that your first payment is coming out in a couple of days.
Day 21 - Hurray! Your switch has completed. Wasn’t that easy.

We’ll send you your first statement a month later, and from there it’s plain sailing.

I’ve just signed up with Bulb but have a specific date I want to switch, when my current energy deal ends. But I could not see an option to set the switch date?

Hi @nick_104, you are switching over on 3rd March 2017, when did you want to switch over to us?

29th March otherwise I have to pay a fixed fee penalty

@nick_104 Bulb refund any exit fees incurred by our members, just send us a copy of your final bill and we will refund the exit fee.

Aside from that though you cannot be charged an exit fee as you are leaving within the final 49 days of your contract.

However, if you would prefer to see out the contract of course I understand, just let me know and I’ll stop the switch.


OK, thanks for your response, I’ll carry on with the switch as it is.



I just moved in to a new flat and was told I need to give my meter reading now because Bulb is taking over from the old tenant’s provider. Where do I put in this information?


My switch completed on Feb 22 but at the moment only the Gas is showing in my account, when will the Electricity complete?

Hi @nathalie thanks for your comment! I replied to your post too but in case you see this first you can enter your readings at MyBulb if you go to

I had a look into your account @bsswitch and it seems that some data sent through from your previous supplier have been delayed which has led to your electricity not coming up in your MyBulb account. If you could send us an email, or inbox me with your meter readings I can make sure these are put through

Cheers :star:

Thanks Evie, my electricity reading was 25684 when i submitted it last week, it is now 25818

Thanks @bsswitch I’ve put those in - I can see that the first one that you entered has come through from your MyBulb but it is delayed being ‘confirmed’ as we are still waiting on meter details from your previous supplier. I have sent an email to them to chase this up and try and hurry the process :smile:

Thanks for your patience and great job on referrals!

I’m thinking of joining Bulb and we’re moving in on 1 July 2017. If we sign up within this week, will it be possible to have the electricity supplied to our apartment on the moving in date? Thanks!

Hi @nenyish. It takes 21 days to switch to Bulb, so it’s a little too late to have the switch fall in line with your move in date of 1 July. If you sign up to us today, we’ll take over supply at the new place on 10th July.

I’d suggest getting in touch the current supplier at the new property. There’ll be a small amount of usage they’ll need to bill you for. If they don’t know who you are they might object to the switch! If you don’t know who the current supplier is, get in touch with us and we’ll find out for you :slight_smile: