Still getting estimated bills for an old gas meter I no longer have!


A couple of months before i joined bulb, my gas meter was replaced. On the date i joined, i provided readings for this new meter and the electric meter. However every month since i joined i get an estimated bill for my old meter! I have tried to sort this out by providing you with photos of the new meter and i keep providing readings for both electric and gas. But every month i get estimated bills for both.
I was told by a member of the bulb team that my account would be updated with the new gas meter but nothing has been done and there is not response to my emails. Please sort this out!

@FSimoes sorry this took a long time to fix. When we receive incorrect meter technical details, it can be very finicky to fix. That said, I believe I’ve now fixed the issue. I’ve also emailed Scottish Power with the picture you sent us, so that they can update their records, too.