Still getting estimated bills

I have had a smart meter for gas and electricity for a few weeks now but still getting estimated bills. Any advice out there?

@exenobby_72 Hi there, i can see from looking at your account that we are still waiting for your smart meters to communicate fully with our internal system. These issues do resolves themselves with time but if you next bill continues to get estimated there is no harm in getting in touch again and we can try and escalate this issue for you.

Smart meter fitted early April; still getting estimated gas readings. Should I chase?

Hi @Jaytee,

I’ve noted this and we’re tracking it for you. In the meantime I’ve also sent you an email, if you can reply to that with photo of your gas meter I can see about getting the reads put in manually for you.



I also had a smart meter fitted in April,it has never worked and I am having to send in estimates with a photo of the meter displays! when is this going to be fixed?

Same issue. Had smart meter installed beginning of June. Gas readings are from meter but electricity is estimated. Smart meter goes blank on average every 48hours and I keep having to reset.
. expected this to be straightforward

Hi all @Team Bulb. My account continues to rely on estimated or customer readings only.
I can see my energy usage through ‘Smart Things’. Why hasn’t this been resolved in 10 months?