Still no IHD after 11 weeks. Last month's statement used estimated reading.

2 engineers came and installed a Smart Meter on June 13th this year. My wife tells me they did various tests, but did not leave an In Home Display. I was told on 25th June that sending the IHD to my home might take between 4 and 8 weeks. It’s now been over 11 weeks since installation and still no IHD.

As an additional complaint, I noticed that on 3rd August I received an email that my July statement was based on an estimated reading, which means that although my account page says I’ve got a Smart Meter, the readings, if any, obviously aren’t being used so I’ve logged a customer reading.

How do I get someone to check my Smart Meter is working and send me an IHD so I can check my electricity usage?

I can’t find the complaints page on the Bulb web site so have sent an email to and logged this message in the hope of getting some response.

The forum is full of posts about smart meter issues and non-functioning IHDs. There’s a form somewhere to log your smart meter problem, although I’m not sure this actually does anything, as this is an industry-wide issue which is still being resolved. Hopefully you get a response to your email but I’d just keep manually submitting readings in the meantime.