Still no resolution (Meter readings)

Fed up and will be switching if this is not resoloved.
A clearly botched smart meter install has left me with A) No working smart meter (It doesnt even communicate to phone home with the Electric reading, let alone gas), B) Unable to manually submit ELectric meter readings.
Basically they forgot to 0 the readings for my Electric, but did for the Gas, so the new, lower valued readings are being rejected as “Too low”.
I’ve rung, been on Chat to support, and twice submitted photos of the meter - once through the website and once through the app - and it was supposedly escalated last time, but nothing has been done.

Meanwhile, my smart meters are still very dumb.

On the plus side, my In Home Display shows my electric reading no problem!

In short, if you don’t sort this out within the next month, I’m leaving - as there is little point in putting up with this nonsense of a service.

Same as you, but I don’t even have an IHD as the installer said it would come in the post. My support calls are also “escalated” so maybe yours and mine are jockeying for the top slot :wink: However, do check your meter readings as although my elec was also not zeroed (seems to be a common issue) the final reading was retrospectively added as of the date of install. So at least I know what the meter reading was, and I know what my new reading is, so when Bulb finally sort this mess out I will get a large rebate from Bulb’s bonkers estimated readings (plus presumably some interest for the 3 months so far).