Still no Warm home discount

It seems that most people have already had their warm home discount credits,

How much longer can I expect to wait ??

Many Thanks

11 days tops, as the deadline for payment is 31st March.

Hi @Ramsgate

Thank you for posting and welcome to community. :wave:t4:

As @stevefoster correctly mentioned, all warm home discounts will be credited by the end of March.

However I have reviewed your account and can see that we’ve already sent your WHD voucher and instructions on 20th January 2022. Please can you check your emails as you will be able locate this there.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

–Suki :hibiscus:

I have checked and have not had anything from you.

I run my own mail server so do not have an issue with Spam filters.

Can you please resend.


Would you be able to check mine please,

I applied but my paperwork i uploaded was a bit blurry

Not sure if it has been accepted or not

Thanks Darren

Right so I’ve been told that I have to have my voucher before the end of March, I’ve already started that I want a replacement, can this be delivered to my email address this week

Can you please confirm that you have read my previous message about having the voucher resent.

Many Thanks

Just to let you know i got mine today on the meter

check your meter if its not there id send another email before its to late

sorry for jumping on your post aswell

Hi @Ramsgate :wave:

I am sorry that had not come through, I can see we have been in touch with your voucher code over email so you should now be able to collect your WHD payment.

Please let me know if you have any further questions,

– KT :bulb: