Still No Word on a Smart Meter

I have been with Bulb since August 2018 and immediately on switching I registered interest in Smart Meters as I have had them previously with other suppliers. I have heard nothing and yet I see now that there is a definitely a roll out. Do I need to do something else or register?

Same here. I think I signed up even earlier than you & I’ve not heard a thing from Bulb - nothing. After reading about all the problems with their “smart” meters I came to the conclusion that Bulb have decided to abandon the idea completely & just say nothing.

I would like a reply from Bulb! Ours doesn’t work …well it gives us Gas usage only. We are still having to supply readings for the electricity but Bulb are unable to add them so our usage is always ESTIMATED! Not good enough and I would never have signed up if I had know about this hassle! Not to mention the off peak tariff which hasn’t materialised…I wonder why??

Hi @Lizclassic_54,

I’m truly sorry for the experience you’ve had with your smart meter.
I have sent you an email so I can make sure we get this resolved.

Hi @Lizclassic_54,

Please do not share personal information such as your phone number on this public thread. For this reason, I have deleted your last comment.

I sent you an email connected at 10.26am today. This was the email that is connected to your Community account.

Let me know if you haven’t got it and I can resend if needed.

Can you resend it please and thanks re deletion

Would be interested in getting a smart meter also - how can you help me ?

Hi @falleneye, welcome to our Bulb community!

You have first generation smart meters, called SMETS1, at your property. Although we can’t remotely access readings from your smart meter at the moment, we will be able to at some point. You’re not eligible for us to install new smart meters (SMETS2) as you’ve currently got one that will work as a smart meter in the future.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to book smart meter installations for anyone at the moment due to COVID-19. Our engineers are only doing emergency meter jobs for now.

So nobody from bulb felt the urge to answer me then…

Hi @PatMan I’m really sorry that your comment was missed.

Your situation is the same as the previous comment, we’re working to connect your first generation smart meter to the national smart network. We’re currently in the process of doing this for a percentage of SMETS1 meters and are hoping to have completed this process before the end of 2020

Bulb IHD’s. I am not impressed. I had my first property fitted with smart meters August 2019.
I then had my home fitted with smart meters October 2019. The first fitting only ever connected to one energy source (elec) It has never connected to the gas supply, even though Bulb said it would be resolved. We are now in June 2020.
The home display worked fine for a few months. Then stopped working on the electricity. It is still reading only the gas meter but has now developed faulty readings and claiming gas is being used when I have switched gas off at the mains? Does anyone know where I can box up this rubbish technology and post back to Bulb?

Hi @piekirke and welcome to our Community :bulb: ,

I’m very sorry for the frustrating experience you’ve had with your IHD. I’m going to send you an email now so we can look into your case and get this sorted.