Still waiting for refunded credit weeks later


I was just wondering when I’ll get my refunded credit back into my bank account? Something occurred on my Bulb account which caused an error in the amount of credit I was entitled to - which extended it over £1000 the amount I’m owed. Regardless, this was corrected yesterday after already waiting over two weeks for this amount to be transferred into my bank account and having to ring up and question why it hasn’t already gone through.

I was informed yesterday that I now may have to wait even longer for this money to be transferred. I moved out of my apartment on the 30th July and gave meter readings. Is there any way you could transfer it a lot sooner? I was relying on this money for my rent and now I’m completely out of pocket.

Thank you.


I doubt posting on this Community forum wil result in a quicker response that if you bent the ear of Bulb again via the method you used previously?