Still Waiting for SMETS 1 Adoption

Does anyone know when the SMETS 1 Adoption Programme is due to be completed? I’m still waiting on my British Gas Meter being brought over.

The lights on the Communication Module have changed status – the WAN light is now solid green when it wasn’t before. I’d hoped this was a good sign but it’s been like this for a few months.

I’m starting to think there’s been an error or I’ve been missed…

Hi @ronan.docherty :wave: Welcome to Community!

I’m sorry it’s taking so long for your meter to get enrolled onto the national smart network.

This is a huge project that’s being worked on by us here and by the Data Communications Company (DCC), with the aim being that SMETS1 meters will be enrolled onto the DCC network in the coming months.

Unfortunately we don’t have a solid timeframe, which I understand is frustrating, but this is being worked on and we’ll let you know as soon as you’re connected.

If you have any questions, let us know here :point_down:

Ollie :musical_note:

We’ve also been waiting a couple of years now for ours to be migrated over but still nothing, bulb state there’s nothing they can do sadly. Although a friend on the same estate who is also with bulb had both his transferred over recently so there is hope it’ll happen sometime during our lifetimes.

DCC state they’ve migrated over 8,989,383 SMETS1 meters so far to date and there’s a total of 15.7 million according to the gov website. They’ve completed 534,340 between 22nd April and 15th July according to their own stats, a measly 155,343 upgraded in June. So unless they rapidly ramp up migrations in the next couple of months I can’t see them finishing this year either… I’d be surprised by Christmas 2023.