What happened to “We will not make you change your payments”, “You have control over your payments”?!?!

I have NEVER been in debit.
When I followed your guidelines a few years ago I ended up £500+ in credit.
Since then I’ve monitored my account closely and regularly changed my payments to ensure I stay adequately in credit, not excessively.
I just tried to increase my payment to a level that I’m comfortable with and been told I HAVE TO increase it more?!?

And now I’ve had to strip all the swear words (all of them deserved!) out of this post!
Who the hell do you think you are?

Return control of my payments or I’m off to another supplier and spreading the word.


Could not agree more, they chnaged my payements a lot, then i got in debt of £44 then they added as a debt of £39 that they stated i should have been in credit with and then addded this on to next years bill of which I have two different statements then they try to allocate this payment date to the 28th of each month, it states on my bill this is outstanding on this, so you pay 13 times a year instead of 12 months but payment is not until the 3rd of each month

Hi @afreeman147, firstly welcome to the Bulb community :wave:

I can see that you have made an increase to your Direct Debit amount from next month, and that amount is slightly under your suggested payment amount, which is likely why it is causing an issue on our system.

Our system works out your suggested payment amount based on your projected usage. Sometimes even though members are in credit, it suggests that your monthly payment should be more in order for you to build up enough credit over the summer, that it will cover your usage in the winter and we won’t have to increase your payments again then.

I’m happy to take a look into this for you however, so I’ve sent you an email this morning to see where you wanted your payments to be set and we can take a look at that.

Hi to you too @leftwichb38, welcome to the Bulb community to you too :wave:

With your account, I can see that we have had to increase your monthly payments a few times because the initial payment amount that we were taking just wasn’t enough to cover your usage, and it was causing your account to go into debit.

I’m a little bit confused where you have said that we added debt to your account, this isn’t something that we can do. We can only bill you for the energy that you have used, based on the meter reading that you have given to us.

Also, we base your initial payment date on the day of the month that your supply comes over to us,so we will only take 12 monthly payments each year. While you can change this yourself, it doesn’t look like you have.

I have also send you an email, so if you need me to look into anything else for you, I will be more than happy to do so.