Stop removing my posts

Why you lot remove my posts?
Truth hurts don’t it

Hi @RobertC ,

We removed your post due to inappropriate language used by you.

If you need any assistance then please call us on 0300 303 0635.

Kind regards

–Suki :hibiscus:


Thanks, I’ve phoned , I’ve emailed , I’m sick of talking to people who don’t listen or understand , why don’t you phone me instead

Sorry about the inappropriate language , if you have been through what I have with hours of emails , two phone calls , and got absolutely nowhere , then you may be slightly annoyed !!!
Why don’t you phone me instead as I’ve given until blue on the face of explaining the biggest mess this company has made of my accounts , my money mess ups , my mental well-being …
My number in the Uk is +447894563340
Let’s see who can sort it !
Kindest Regards


Kindest Regards


They (the Mods on this community board) do it a lot

They say you weren’t following the T&C’s so they’re justified in removing posts written by us but it smacks of them controlling what is written here, any heavy criticism of Bulb by angry customers is quickly removed so others can’t see it and see just how angry other customers are at some of the things Bulb are doing

The Copy & Paste generic responses by the Bulb Mods are a particular bugbear of many but those customers who post how useless those kind of responses are find their posts quickly removed

Ok Shaun

I appreciate your reply , but no one I have spoken to has actually listened to my complaint about how my account has been messed with in a serious manner , South Africa has removed , added, refunded, removed meter readings and above all , removed a second meter which was on the account , luckily , I screen shot most before they messed up big time
So, I would like to talk and email to someone before I do something drastic like stopping direct debit , which incidentally is 500 pounds in credit , yet you still take more money out account when you no need too
I’m hoping you will contact me directly as I’m at my wits end

Kindest Regards


They don’t, hence you comment about copy & paste replies
It’s like they’re reading from a script rather than what the customer actually said

Okay understand what your saying :+1:
Then there’s no way to actually solve anything by the looks of it …