Stopped getting updated bills when submitting meter readings

Has anyone else noticed that when a meter reading is submitted it usually generates a statement. That seems to have stopped since end of March then they use an estimated reading which gives an over estimated amount justifying the higher direct debit?

Same here . …even though ive a smart meter that they do not take readings of i give a reading and now i still havmt recieved a billl… amd once again i see they have started to mess with statements o.e add money take away all amounts thay are nothi g to do woth my payments so i now cant see the coreec bills … also they now say my monthly payments should be 110 deapite a regular 75 a month i refuse to pay direct debit now and oay by card when my bill eventually arrives

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Hi @Penumbra1 :wave: thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to the community :partying_face:

In order for your readings to be included each month you need to submit them 1-3 days before your bill is produced. If we do not receive readings within this timeframe we have to estimate the reading as we bill from the first day to the last day of the bill period.

I have reviewed your account and in order for your readings to be included you should submit them 1-3 days before the 20th of each month.


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Thankyou, so If I read on 18th of each month that will ensure It will show as cusomer read

Hi @Penumbra1 ,

Yes that is correct, let us know if you have any further questions.

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Well it’s 18th I’ve submitted readings and received an email that states:-

We keep your payments the same to keep it simple
We make it easy to budget by keeping your payments the same each month. We’ll let you know if we think they should change.

It also says my direct debit matches my usage which is not true as for months ive been using less.

I understand you may be wanting customers to build up a credit balance but surely the customer has a right to build it up in their own bsnk account.

If you want to build up your own credit in your own bank account switch to a variable D/D,
I am using less now and will do until October than my D/D, but happy to build up credit

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Stop your direct debit at the bank, contact Bulb and ask for them to turn your account into a credit account. And inform them you will NOT be paying any estimated bills. Then use the top-up function on the site or app. if they don’t comply, tell them you will leave Bulb & another energy provider. I no longer have any of these scam bills for £££ every month Its a disgrace what Bulb are doing to its customers, Offgen should get involved absolute disgrace.

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I’ve emailed Bulb and they have changed my account to variable DD so lets see what happens.