Storage heaters not working after smart meter fitted

Before I had the smart metre everything was fine I had hot water and storage heaters on economy 7 since the meter I’ve got no water and no storage heaters ,I spoke to yourself who are asking for a report to say the storage heaters are working when I told you that I can get a electriction to cone out at midnight , and I still got get hot water ,

Hi @Mark,

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I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your storage heaters. Have you managed to get an electrician out today?

I would also recommend looking into the storage heater timer. As this may have been reset instead of actually being turned off.

We need a report to confirm that the issue with the storage heaters is down to the meter job that took place. If the engineer can confirm this, we are able to compensate up to £120.

You can give us a call on 0300 303 0635 or chat to us via our social platforms for a quicker response.

– Daisy :bulb:

But that would have no bearing on getting hot water as that been working all the time , and as these the economy 7 only comes on at midnight I can find a electricton who for that amount will come out at midnight , these were all working before the meter was install I can image 1 but I have 3 heaters and got water that don’t work since this meter was fitted

Hi @Mark

The electrician will be able to come out and check both meter registers / the storage heaters in the day, so you wouldn’t need to worry about getting them to attend at night.

An electricians report would be the best way to confirm why your storage heaters aren’t working, and from there we would be able to figure out the next steps towards getting them back running.

Ele :bulb:

Hi mark have you managed to get your storage heaters and water heater working again ?.It’s just I’m having an economy 7 smart metre installed and it has made me a little anxious hearing that your storage heaters have stopped working.I also have storage heaters and water using economy 7 and I would not want them to stop working especially with weather getting cooler.Much thanks

Hi @Sue72 :wave:

It is not common for the storage heaters to stop working after a smart installation and the engineer will fit the right type of smart meter for your heating set up.

In some cases installing a smart meter can highlight an already existing fault with storage heaters. This is because during the installation the engineer turns your electricity off. When it is then turned back on there can sometimes be a surge in electricity through the system. This can cause issues if there is already an existing fault.

When you get smart meters installed we advise you to unplug all electrics to prevent this from happening. However, if there are issues after the installation an electrician needs to go out first as it is more likely to be an electrical issue than a meter installation issue.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about this.

– KT :bulb:

But is it common for the hot water to stop as well , and when I asked how this can be resolved or about going back to
non smart metre you tell me you can change the metre for over £300 when everything was fine before this smart metre , or have I got to go to the ombudsman to resolve this

Hi Katie sorry I deleted my post by mistake. Thank you for your reply it is very much appreciated. The reason I’m a little more than anxious is because I’m nearly 70 and I suffer from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis and I feel the cold a lot more so having my heaters not working would be devastating for me.Kind regards sue

Hi @Sue72,

I understand why you would be unsure as having no heating as we head into winter would be a health concern for you. I can see you are already signed up to our priority register but if you book a smart job through your bulb account then you can leave notes for the engineer outlining that you have storage heaters and you can’t be left without heating.

If you were really concerned then maybe it would be worth keeping your current meters over the winter, and then you’ll know that your heating will be on. Come back to the idea of getting a smart meter fitted over the summer where the weather is warmer and so if there was an issue it may not be an immediate concern.

If you did want them installed sooner rather than later it could also be worth getting an electrician out beforehand to check your electrics anyway, just to make sure there are no faults.

–KT :bulb:

Hi ivr had a electrican out who has check the storage heaters and they are working so it must be something with the meter can we get this sort now how do I get the money to pay the electrican that you say that you would pay if the heaters were working

Hi @Mark

We would just need to see the electricians report and invoice to proceed.

I’ve just bobbed you an email so you can send them through to me.

Ele :bulb: