Storage Heaters


I moved to Bulb around September and when trying to put my storage heaters on this winter they would not work. I have now had new storage heaters put in as they were old so thought it was that. However, the new ones are not storing heat over night either so the heater is all working but not heat is coming out.

Had anyone had a problem with there storage heaters working when moving over it being with bulb???


Hi @ChelseaC

As a supplier, Bulb is responsible for your meters. These are independent of your storage heaters.

I’d suggest that you get in touch with an electrician to safely test out what’s going on. Or, you should contact the person or company that installed them.

Please keep us updated on how you’re getting along. Others might have the same issue.

Thank you for confirming that it is not an issue from yourselves, they are still currently trying to get the problem resolved. I thought I would ask this question just for confirmation on the electric supply end too.

Thank you

Does this make any difference that I do not have gas only electric?

...they are still currently trying to get the problem resolved.
'They' being a competent electrician? If so, the problem should soon be sorted. To confirm, it makes no difference which energy company you pay your bill to, or whether you have gas or not.

They have installed new one and 2 others have been out as well completely checked everything and have asked for others opinions they cannot figure it out. It was just strange and I moved from npower to bulb and the heater stopped working so had another fit this also is not working. It was fitted Thursday and they have been out last 3 days woke up this morning and again blowing cold air, everything is on and showing it’s working but has not heated over night again :frowning: