Strange Bill for May...estimation taken from Jan 2018..why?

since joining bulb on Jan 2018, i have always received monthly bill detailing the usage of Electricity and Gas (very important for me to keep an ways on how much the cost of the monthly bill as i am a landlord).

This month, i have received a bill that is very odd, it gives me the estimation from Jan 2018. why is this? and can i get another bill for the last months ( based on the meter readings i sent)…I tried the chat,. and for the first time since joining you, I was very disappointed by the person providing help.


Old bills used to look like this :

This happened to me recently - a series of relatively small reversals all on the same date giving an apparent massive credit only to be reversed back in one big entry soon after. I just put it down to some inexplicable accounting acrobatics - it all balanced out in the end.

@christos_1 I see thanks for the answer. So to be able to know exactly how much i used last month, I will need to do the maths myself I guess.

I believe this is down to when Bulb receives a certain type of notification from the national meter database: if the meter reading they’ve calculated (based on meter readings) is even slightly different (possible to decimal places), they tell Bulb that between date X and Y Bulb should use ‘these official meter figures’. Therefore Bulb has got to reissue those bills and ‘cancel’ the old ones. I suspect bigger providers have ‘ignore corrections within X units’ settings and hence why you don’t usually see these with other providers. (Just my guess on all of this).

This has just occurred on my account - second time in one month. It makes actual costs quite hard to interpret.

Well now bulb have removed all historic statements from my account and suspended billing until further notice whilst there is a problem. Come on bulb - get your act together! This is unacceptable!