Strange Billing

I submit regular readings. Bulb on a couple of occasions have cancelled the previous months invoice, then billed for two months. I don’t really mind, just seems a bit strange and might be confusing to some people.
Wonder why they do that?

Hi @PaulMC12345

The bill you are referencing is a consolidated bill and isn’t simply the bill for one month.

This is the reason that your bill is higher than a normal monthly bill.

The previous bills for the overlapping dates were refunded back to your Bulb account.

We occasionally consolidate a bill when we need to correct meter readings or to make sure things are all in order on your account.

I think in your case, it was due to a gas reading being approved to be used after we sent last month’s statement, which made it consolidate the next statement into a double month. We have fixed that problem now.

I hope this clears things up.


Thanks Rob. Comprehensive reply & glad minor bug fixed.