Strange Meter Readings

Hi, since joining I have submitted my readings each month, and I am unlikely to have entered incorrect readings (but I accept it is possible).

I have just tried to enter my monthly readings - and both elec and gas were rejected stating my current readings are lower than my previous “customer submitted” readings…???

Have Bulb altered my submitted readings? Do I need to start keeping a photographic record? What’s going on?

Worried this is another scam :frowning:

@RichieEv thanks for getting in touch. We have an electricity reading from you on 22 Jan of 48840, buy the latest gas reading is an estimate on 23 Jan of 12378. We had a reading from you on 20 Dec of 12244. Please let us know what the readings are if MyBulb won’t let you submit them so we can override those estimates! Definitely not a scam!