Strange "Statement Corrections"

Looking back through my transactions I Note a series of ‘statement corrections’ back in March that gave me quite a credit and in consequence, a reduced monthly contribution. The March 12th 2020 statement then shows my Power bill as using old March 2019 meter readings. I know Bulb billing is a black art, but could you please explain what happened here. Previous bills were estimated as you would expect.

As an aside, there are no statements since March. Is this to do with COVID?

I put this query here, I have tried emailing support queries in the past and I have yet to ever receive a reply from one.

Hi @Peter_T and welcome to our Community :earth_africa:

I’m going to send you an email now, I will then look into this and double-check everything for you.

Thank you Noah, for your prompt response and subsequent help. All is good now, very pleased with the support you gave me. You restored my faith the Bulb.