Struggling to find my supplier

Hello I e just found out that I am with bulb energy only to find out I have been switched to E.ON I have not known who my supplier is for 7 weeks and can’t find anyone to help me to sort it out I’ve had no hot water or heating for now 7 weeks and I have disabilities I also have a 19 and 15 year old daughters my house is starting now to get really cold and my cooker also runs on gas but not only that because the meter hasn’t been touched in 7 weeks there is a debt of £48 that I can’t afford all at once please someone help me figure this out

Your post is somewhat confusing, You dont know the supplier and you have had no heating, lighting, cooking, gas or electric for 7 weeks.
You need to contact Bulb directly (phone or live chat, Mon-Fri) to sort this out, as this is mainly a customer forum.