Stupid bot chat!

Is there an actual way to talk to someone with this company anymore?
The only option given to me is the stupid bot!
Has anyone noticed on the page at the bottom it asks was this helpful?
You can’t click no! It will only accept yes, what’s the point asking if you won’t let me answer?

If you use the chart bot during working hours you’ll get the option of being connected to an agent.

Hi @CTWIRRAL :wave:

Thanks for your post, sorry to hear you are having trouble getting in touch.

And thank you @Anton59 for your help on this :relaxed:

Our chat and phone line ( 0300 303 0635 ) are open 9-5 on weekdays, we have reduced staff on the weekend that would only really deal with emergency cases.

Did you have any questions I could help with ?

Ele :bulb:

Yes fix your online chat platform as it closes itself when you start a chat with an operator and stop robbing my account and stick with the direct debit set up only.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: