Submit meter reading not working?

Anyone else having trouble submitting a meter reading??
I can input the numbers but after clicking submit it just gives a blank screen, this is for both gas and electric.

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Have you checked the readings under the Usage tab to see if your current readings are there?

Yep, done all that, had confirmation emails from bulb, but not showing up on my account

If you’ve had the email, my guess is that they’ve got the readings. Although more or less immediate, in the past I’ve had to wait a day or two for my account to update.

Cool, seems strange how every single time I’ve done it in the past its been instant…anyways ill give it a couple of days! Thanks for your input anton


The same thing happened to me when I last submitted my readings. The bill was assessed accurately though so they had got my readings despite the blank screen.

Hey @mat.dinsley :wave:

I can see your reads are in the system. I’m sorry for the trouble you had trying to submit them but @Anton59 and @prob91 are correct, it can take up to 48 hours to load into the system.

– Robyn :bulb: