Submitted incorrect meter reading

I submitted a meter reading for my electric from my “smart” meter, upon receiving my bill I realised something was wrong as it was a huge amount. I’ve checked my actual meter reading and it’s a lot lower. I’ve submitted the reading along with a picture of my meter but I’ve heard nothing from bulb nor have they refunded for the energy I didn’t use. Any suggestions?

Hi @Kirstie08, firstly, I just wanted to welcome you to Bulb Community! Second, not to worry we can look into this for you and correct any incorrect meter readings! I would first recommend reading this guide:

I would advise getting in touch with us via live chat here if you’re still unsure which screen holds the relevant reading as they can be rather confusing!

Thank you for your reply and welcoming me, I will take a look at the areas you suggest. :slight_smile:

No problem at all Kirstie, do let us know if we can help in anyway :relaxed: