Submitted incorrect readin g


I submitted my meter readings just now and submitted the wrong numbers for my electricity. How can I correct these readings?



Hi Tim

Just submit a correct reading for Electricity again and send an e-mail to Bulb at stating the newer reading is correct ( Put correct reading in e-mail too )

Have a good weekend :slight_smile:

Hi @TimW as @IanB says if you just fire off an email with the correct reading (and maybe a photo of your meter, if you have one) we’ll get that sorted out for you.

Can you sort my gas meter too?

I have sent you photos twice, and still you didn’t change my gas reading =)

@Patryk This read should have now been corrected in the account. We couldn’t see any photos sent to us I am afraid, were these sent via email?

Via website and I had a confirmation on my email, and after a week via chat.

Hi, @Patryk can you please email us those meter readings as I can’t locate them. I can then update your account :slight_smile: Thanks