Submitted readings not appearing

Since joining Bulb, I’ve ensured that I take a reading of gas and electricity each Sunday (as I had numerous problems with Scottish Power). As well as keeping these in a spreadsheet, I submit them via the website. Most of the electricity readings are shown, but only one gas reading despite sending them.

I appreciate that the readings don’t appear instantly but it’s odd that it’s mostly the gas that’s missing. Is there an email address I can submit my readings to?

Hi Ross. I can see that we have 5 electricity readings and 3 gas readings from you. Gas readings can take a little bit longer than electricity to appear as they have to undergo industry validation before they are accepted. Your most recent gas reading, submitted on 30 October, should show up soon. If you’d like to email your readings, you can send them through to But your online submissions look to be working fine to me!