Submitted readings not showing in App

I submit my meter readings every month but:

  1. they are not used to create my bill
  2. they are not showing in the app

Only estimated readings are showing and being billed. These readings are grossly overstated. Why?

Similar situation to myself, if you submit readings that look “odd” then in my experience Bulb will ignore them rather than challenge them.
Email support and get them to add the readings.

Hi Darren, had a result today. I’d put in a complaint and was on the point of complaining to the regulator but they asked me to send in another reading and I now have an amended statement showing a very large credit. Shouldn’t have to be this hard but my experience is it’s the same throughout the industry and the regulator has very little power to enforce accurate bills. I have kept photos of the meter readings in case I needed them.