Submitted the wrong meter reading


I managed to submit the wrong electricity reading - just typed the numbers in the wrong order. Realised and submitted the correct figure along with photo evidence.

This was over a month ago and my electricity usage is showing up for this month meaning my balance looks artificially high.

Does this sort of thing tend to resolve itself fairly readily?

I typo’ed my meter reading once (on the website; I don’t use their app), and didn’t notice. Bulb’s website queried my next reading a month later (as it was obviously lower than the previous), and once I confirmed the correct reading, I got a Statement Correction to undo the erroneous bill, and then a new statement covering two months instead. So, yes, it was straight-forward to fix.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s what I thought but no matter how many times I contact Bulb and upload a photo nothing changes. I submitted the correct meter reading yesterday and they have completely ignore it and they’ve estimated the reading instead.

Hi @CD202015

Welcome to the Bulb community! Sorry you’ve had issues getting this resolved, it’s an easy mistake to make.

I’ve removed the incorrect reads and added correct ones using the photos you’ve been submitting.

I’ll get your statements reversioned and sent out within 48 hours :spiral_notepad:

That’s great, many thanks for your help.

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