Submitted wrong meter readings

Hi all,

I recently moved to my first flat and I switched to Bulb.
Today, I realised that I submitted my electricity readings in the wrong way: I swapped the day and the night readings both for my first reading when requested by your email (I submitted it on the 6th/09, but on my account shows the 10th/09 ? ) and the reading that I submitted earlier today.

Once I realised the mistake I made, I called the customer center and the operator at the phone told me he understood, not to worry and to leave it to him. Now, after a few hours, I checked on my account and I saw that the readings I gave on the 6th/09 are listed as today’s readings and the readings I submitted today are listed as the 10th/09…

I’m actually a bit worried, because my first submission is also the one that will be communicate to the old supplier of the flat…what kind of impact will have on my final bill with them? Will you communicate them the correct final readings or will I have to call them to amend it?
And, especially, is everything sorted out now?

I’m asking this because when I checked on my payment section, it shows and estimate of £130 some a month? I will definitiely submit readings more often and in the right way now, but the amount seems to be too high, considering that we’ve been very carefull while using electricity and I only share the flat with my boyfriend…

Thank you so much for your assistance and I’m sorry for being so worried, but in my previous flat, the landlord was in charge of the bills and this is the first time for me.

Hi all,

I’d really appreciate an answer to my questions…

I’m a newbie in this in all and I’m only concerned about my coming bills.

Electricity: On my reading page, I saw that the 2 readings I submitted have been swapped for some reason, resulting in having my entry reading higher than my second reading. My only mistake was submitting the night instead of the day’s numbers in both occasions, then I don’t know what the operator did and why the 2 readings have been swapped.

Gas: Everything’s fine from that front.

Please, someone from Bulb, could you clarify this for me?


Hey @irebigna. Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you on Friday.

One of our customer service team members has made sure that your meter readings are the correct way around.

The reason they appear to have been given on the 10th is that this is your switch date. When you enter your first meter readings, you can give them to us 5 days either side of your switch date but they will be given to your previous supplier as if they were on the 10th.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello @“Eleanor at Bulb”

Thank you for coming back to me.
I do understand the date thing, but it remains the fact that the reading I submitted on the 14th is listed as my first reading and the one I submitted on the 10th is listed as the one of the 14th…therefore my first reading is higher than the second one and if my first reading is the one given to my old supplier it will result in a higher final bill than what it should actually be.

Is it possible to amend this with them? Will you communicate this to the old supplier or should I contact them?
And what kind of impact will it have on my next bill with you?


Hi @irebigna.

You are absolutely right. They are the wrong way around - apologies for not spotting that.

Ordinarily, we would get in contact with your previous supplier to let them know that your opening meter reading is a little too high. However, as the difference is not great enough (100kWh), they will not accept a dispute. In this case, we will have to leave the readings as they are. This means you will be paying a little more to your previous supplier and we will be crediting your money back on your next bill so you are not out of pocket.

I appreciate this is a little frustrating, especially when you have given us your meter readings.

Hi @“Eleanor at Bulb”

Thank you so much for clarifying that.
I appreciate it.

No problem @irebigna. Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: