Submitting a 5 digit reading into 4 boxes

I have an old imperial gas meter with 4 boxes and 2 small red ones. Last month my reading was 9995
This month it is showing on the meter as 0070 so I am assuming it should be 10070 for submission
However there are only 4 boxes on your gas reading submission form so how do I enter a 5 digit reading please?

If the meter only has 4 digits, I would enter 0070 as your meter read: if it isn’t accepted, contact Bulb via : however, their systems should be able to realise it is a “rollover” figure.

It’ll be fine.
By definition, 4-digit imperial meters have been around for a while, and rollovers are happening all the time.

Hi @Carrie22 - I just responded to your email as well. All is fine with your meter, it’ll just roll past the 9999 read and effectively start from zero again. Your account registered the roll-over correctly, so just keep those reads coming