submitting first meter reading

I can’t figure out where or how to do this. The website is sending me round in circles. The so-called Smart meter won’t supply a meter reading but just asks for a vend code which I don’t have. So far, my Bulb experience is not good, and we haven’t even switched yet.

Try and find the member service button when you press menu

Then you can press menu again and find sign in that should take you to sign in

It seems a long way round and someone may know a shorter way. This is on my phone so on a laptop may be different

Hi @jude555

If you can’t see the option to submit a meter reading on your bulb account, its likely its because we know you have a smart meter. We should be able to get readings remotely for you, but if we aren’t let us know. We will be able to look into what the problem might be.

You can also give us your meter readings manually, just let us know what they are in an email.