Submitting gas meter reading won't work

Hi, I have submitted numerous meter readings in the past but for some reason the electricity reading has gone through (access to my account on the website) but not the gas meter reading. I have tried 3-4 times now but no success. Is it me or …?

I am having the same issue submitting my initial meter readings. The electricity reading went straight through, but my gas one won’t display.

Thanks @bulbonthego. This is down to a recent change in the way the gas industry is dealing with readings. Gas readings now go through an industry-wide validation process. Just to check they look okay.

This means it might take a little longer to show up in your account. But don’t worry, we got your last gas reading on 16 June. Is this the one you were talking about?

This change happened after a big update for the gas industry last month, called Project Nexus. (Fancy name, right?)

Project Nexus has improved how the industry uses meter readings to estimate the gas consumption of your home and will harmonise how information is shared between parties within the gas industry, particularly suppliers and gas transporters.

Thanks for posting @oscar7450. There’s a slightly different reason in your case. We haven’t yet received some technical information about your gas meter from your old supplier.

We can’t put your gas reading in until we have this. We’ve still got a couple days until you switch to us. So don’t worry, the reading will load once we receive these details. We’ve got everything we need.

I have the same problem but in reverse. I have submitted my gas reading but am unable to submit the electric.

Hi @jane83. In your case, we’ve actually received an objection from your current supplier to taking over your electricity supply.

We’ve just sent you an email. Take a look at your inbox and we’ll continue this conversation there :slight_smile:


I have noticed too that my electricity meter readings are going in fine, but that my last two gas readings (18th June, 25th June) are not showing up. How long does it take for the new validation process to complete?


Hey @mg2017. Between when you posted yesterday and now, both those readings have been validated. So I can’t say for sure how long that process took in your case. Sorry!

The validation process takes around 2-5 days. It depends on the reading submitted. i.e. if the reading looks a bit off, it may take longer to validate.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Hi. Same problem here. Initial gas meter reading went through after switching to Bulb but in the next two months submitting was unsuccessful. There was no problem with the electeicity meter. How long will it take for the reading to show up in the account?

Hi @bence I’ve manually validated your reads.

But one quick question, the latest read was 14490 but the one before that was higher (14496), could it be that the gas meter is running backwards? If so we need to send an engineer out to take a look.


I do have the same issue. Electric readings updates while the gas on doesn’t.

Hey @emmanuelebuka , thanks for letting us know. If you submit your readings around 4 days before your statement is generated, you should find your readings load on your bills just fine.

We can’t really avoid this new lag on gas readings appearing as it’s a new industry-wide validation process. Let us know if you continue to have issues !

I’m having the same problems. I plan on giving readings every Monday to make sure they are accurate but only my gas reading appears on my account. I assume my electricity readings are going through too??

I’m having the same issue for my electric readings, submitted twice but don’t show

@sarah4686 we were missing a piece of information about your electricity meter. I’ve now added this and there will be no problem submitting these from now on :slight_smile:

@mark4813 ditto! Same info missing about your meter, added and your readings updated. You’ll be able to see these in your MyBulb. All your readings will go in fine now.

Hi Sarah and Mark, I can confirm we have both your readings. I have fed back that they aren’t appearing straight away, we’re working on sorting this. Thanks very much

I’ve been a customer since July and have just seen that none of my gas readings are appearing on my account.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Ria Burns

Hi Ria, thanks for flagging this up, I have sorted this problem and reissued your statements showing the readings. Thanks!

Thank you!