Submitting meter reading - impossible!

I have had about 5 emails asking for meter readings.

I have emailed the readings over, but still getting emails asking for them.

I cannot find anywhere on the website to submit meter readings, whenever I google it - it takes me to the log in page that is all. have been with bulb for months and never been able to do it - other than my first reading which was via email. now no one seems to be getting back to me - very frustrating!!

Hi @hollyvicary89,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues trying to submit readings. I’ve just rest your account, you’ll receive an email in the next few minutes with instructions on how to log in.

Thanks, only taken 3 emails and a post on here to get there!

all submitted now.


Thanks for submitting that! - I’m really sorry we weren’t able to help sooner.

In the future, if you get ignored for 8 weeks or more by Bulb (like my outstanding issue and so many other customers of Bulb!!) then I’d suggest to send a summary to

If there are enough complaints, Bulb will be forced by the regulators to improve their service.

Good luck!