submitting meter reading

I am a new customer and wish to submit my first meter reading, cannot find a link anywhere on website to do this, please help

Hey @kim2185 , the easiest way to submit a meter reading is to go to MyBulb (click MyBulb in the top right corner of this page) and log into your account. Incase you don’t know your password, I’ve sent you a magic link you can click on to go straight into the account.

You can also submit your reading anytime by email,Community, chat, phone… whatever works best for you :slight_smile:

Rachel, when I click on mybulb it just takes me back to main screen and I can’t find your link either, I do have a password but somehow I don’t think it is logging into my account, think I will try ringing, it is becoming very frustrating thanks

Ah I’m sorry @kim2185. You can also give us your meter reads to us here.

Frustrating is not the word.

@mikehs, what exactly are you finding frustrating?

If you’re having issues logging into MyBulb, it’s likely to be a browser issue. If so, can you confirm what browser and operating system you’re using?

@mikehs Could you let us know what issues you might be having and then we can try and get this sorted ASAP!

I was asked for my reading it’s my first one and it just takes me to main screen really frustrating

@A1210s Is that something you are still experiencing?

Yes can’t get into app at all

Hi there @A1210s I believe I’ve got the issue fixed, I’ve reset your password and emailed you the new one, if you wouldn’t mind trying to log in with that one that’d be great

Hi thanks but it’s stopped working again for me and can’t get back into the app