Submitting Meter Reading

When trying to submit Meter Readings, I was able to summit a Gas (13403) reading but unable to summit a Electricity reading. The box for entering a Electricity reading will not appear. My Electricity reading as of 26/02/2019 is 32027. Please confirm my readings have been accepted. Thank you.
From Alan Nxx, xxxxx, SS1 3NL Tel: xxxxx

Surely you’re aware you’ve posted on a public customer forum visible to the entire internet?

I’d suggest editing out your personal details and contacting Bulb directly via private communication.

@ANevison Please use the ‘gear’ icon to edit out your personal details!
This is a public discussion forum open to the world, and your query would best be directed to Bulb.
Use the ‘Help’ link at the top of this page to find contact details.