Submitting meter readings

How come when I submit meter readings they aren’t displayed on the website straight away?

I am going to try to submit meeting readings every couple of weeks (whenever I finish a night shift at work) that way if I do miss one (away on holidays etc) I will always have a least one reading done per month :slight_smile:

My electric reading is now showing but my gas one doesn’t… Posted my first message 2 days ago, nobody has replied

Are my gas meter readings registering? Don’t understand how my electric one does and my gas one doesn’t even though they are submitted on the same day, please help!

@brian2911 sorry for our slow response to this!

The reason why your gas meter reading doesn’t show immediately like your electricity, is because it has to go through an extra step of validation. This checks the meter reading to make sure it looks sensible before sending it off.

I have made sure all your readings are validated, and you will be able to see them on your MyBulb

Keep up the good work on sending in those readings =)

Thank you for your response Laura and explaining what was happening, all my meter readings are showing now :slight_smile:

@brian2911 glad to hear it B)