Submitting meter readings

I’ve recently moved house and im in the midst of switching to Bulb. I’ve been asked to submit meter readings but every time I follow the link on my mobile or PC, there is nothing there. Same when I try to sign in and go to mybulb- the page is blank with no option to submit a reading.

Hi @NikkiC ,

I’ve search for your email and I can only see a closed down account on there.

Would you be able to check you didn’t sign up with a different email address to the “nyx” one?

If you’re still having problems, can you send over a personal message to me and I can take a look for you!


how do i give you a meter reading? and how do i pay my bill?

@abithepinkpantry Hi Abi, the easiest way to submit meter readings is from your online account which you can access through this link, Regarding your payments, we’ll set you up with a fixed direct debit which we’ll collect every month, and at the end of each month we’ll send you a statement showing what you’ve paid and what you’ve used.