submitting meter readings

Both last month and this I was unable to submit both of my meter readings as it did not accept the electricity reading when pressing the submit button Tried several times. . is there a problem?

Hi there! Have you used the mobile app or our website to submit meter readings?

I can even get logged on to my account to leave meter readings. Am using an iPad and accessing the website (I think).

My gas reading routinely gets rejected as it ‘over-estimates’ what Bulb think I should have used - which appears to be 0 units of gas a month. When will this issue get resolved please? It has led to billing issues in the past.

@ODG This is because your estimated annual usage is clearly too low- this a figure generated by a third party using your readings Everytime you submit a reading it improve this figure. So this problem should fix itself over time. From our end, we are working on making our validation of meter readings more sensible all the time- I’ll raise your feedback with the tech team.
@JamesS Everything looks okay with your account on our end. I have sent you another link which should take you straight in to your account. We sometimes have problems with Safari on Ipads, so it might be worth trying a different browser or device.

I have tried several times today to submit meter readings on my iPad but it’s just not updating so I’ve also tried the app on my mobile but the submit button doesn’t work, is there a problem ?

@Theresa I’ve looked at your account and it all works from our end. In fact, it looks like we got some readings from you yesterday just before your message was posted. So it looks like the readings may have gone through but that wasn’t properly shown on your end.