Submitting multiple readings in a day

To have my estimations level out to something pretty normal pretty quickly, I was hoping that I could simply submit 2 meter readings a day for a week (morning, night) so that I could have a good idea of what my actual consumption is in a day, and therefore know what I might be able to change if I notice that I have a lot of usage while I’m out, etc. I could’ve just taken note of these myself, but I figured I’d submit them to Bulb too.

However, what I’m noticing is that Bulb can only handle a single submission in a day. If I submit another in the same day I get the acknowledgement, but looking back on the historical captures there’s only one for that day. I also submitted one just now (20th Nov) and it has displayed on the site as being for the 21st of Nov… is this something that I should get looking into by support, or is this normal until the smart tariff / more regularly reading occurs?


Personally I see no merit in submitting multiple readings to Bulb in the month.

Any estimates used by Bulb I would think with a high degree of certainty is only dependant on the reading which you give them once a month and a couple of days before the statement is prepared, I can’t see that any readings in between the monthly submission will improve any annual estimation.

I would have thought the best course of action is to use a spreadsheet to record your readings from this you can do whatever calculations you require.