Submitting my first reading

Hi There,

I just signed up to switch to Bulb and I wasn’t asked for a meter read for today, which I thought was a little odd. Should I keep a note of today’s reading just in case it’s needed? Or will it be officially read on my actual switch over date?

Also - slightly different topic - but once my account is finalised and set up, can I adjust my payment date? Or is it now set and permanent?

Many thanks!

Hello, We have signed up to Bulb, but we go away for two weeks tomorrow. Can we submit a reading for gas and electric

@candise1694 we start supplying you on 20/09/17. Your current supplier will supply you until 19/09/17. We’ll need a read between 15/09/17 and 25/09/17, and we’ll use that read as the change-of-supply read.
Re: your other question, no problem, we can change the date to whatever you’d like.

@michael6910 can you please reply with your reads or email them to