Submitting readings and account access

I am a new bulb customer, I have followed all instructions sent to me. I am now being bombarded with requests to submit my meter readings. I am trying but every time I log into my account either via the email link or directly on the site, all I get is the option to come here to the community. Has anyone found a way to overcome this problem. My emails for help to bulb have so far gone unanswered and I still get “we really need your readings” emails.
Beginning to regret the change

Try the online chat Monday. Try finding member service rather than community

I am having exactly the same problem. I’m trying to enter my first meter reading, but unable to find any way of going to the correct page on the site… despite getting frequent nagging emails to do so. All i get is a link to the community. I also regretting moving and am considering backing out.

Same here, no response from email to bulb.

ME too. Think Ill tell them to shove it

Try the online chat Monday. Try finding member service rather than community

@HAINESY try finding member service instead of community as I mentioned above

Tried the chat but no symbol appears to start chat, Still can only access community. Tried to call been on the line 8 mins so far, no response. Should have a refer a friend credit, the referees refer a friend section has had the referral reference removed, something dodgy is going on.,

Emma the page you show does not appear on my page

Hi all,

Sorry we haven’t been getting back to you via email. It sounds like we need to reset your password for you so you can access your bulb account. Once we have done that, you should be able to log into your bulb account again to submit meter readings. You can also let us know what your readings are and we can manually add them into your account

Joined Bulb as part of moving to new home on 28th March 2019. No smart meters, just a pair of economy 7 meters (one for house, one for outbuilding). I’ve submitted readings upon request, but still being billed on estimated readings. Raised this via numerous emails and the only response I ever got was nothing to do with my issue ‘submitted readings versus their estimate’. Instead Bulb support said the prior supplier was disputing the reading and I would not receive any bills until sorted… Then I got a bill a few days later stating my balance is £916.41 owing. Have chased twice is as many weeks and also copied in Got no response. I’ve now given them until the end of the month to sort themselves out, otherwise I move away. It most definitely feels like a company who are not charging enough to run their business profitably. As such, as a whole it appears to be failing. Shame, on the surface, looked good - I even referred somebody - which i now regret.

Emma the page you show does not appear on my page

@myrefuge how bizarre. On my phone I can see member service but I’ve just used my laptop and it isn’t there… How odd

@Nick_Mc1 thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear of the problems you’ve had with us. We’ve sorted the problem now and an updated statement is on its way - I’ve sent you an email explaining everything.