Sudden increase in electricity usage?

I’ve noticed in the past few days that the usage for electricity is really high on our smart display even though nothing is on first thing in the morning.
The past couple of mornings, when I look at the reading it already says £0.57 for electricity. How on earth can this be?? I have only just woken up (5:30am) and all lights are off and the only thing on overnight is the fridge.
A few days ago the display used to read 20 or 30p which I assumed was the standing charge. But almost 60p? What on earth is going on?

Where in the country do you live? Since 1 April if you are on the SVT the daily standing charge, which varies by region, is about 40-50p per day (about 32p in London).

Here (North Scotland) the standing charge is now 50.05p per day.

I live in Andover (South West).

Previously I noticed a charge of about 25-30p first thing in the morning.

Is the standing charge applied first thing in the day or last thing at night? Some days I have noticed there is an extra charge added at both times.

Mine usually appears first thing in the morning in the daily figure. The south west’s standing charge is approximately 51p/day, so that sounds broadly right coupled with the power for your fridge.

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This would be your standing charge and early usage which has shown on your monitor, the IHD would have taken a few days to update post price change but this would be the new standing charge price + whatever you use in that morning showing on the screen.

You will only be charged standing charge once per day.

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