Suddenly I am over £6000 in credit

After contacting Bulb yesterday to say that I haven’t had a statement since October 9th I received an updated statement today - now over £6000 in credit. Great news but before I request a refund can you please rule out any problem with my newly installed smart meter…

Hi @robwilkinson11,

Thanks for posting and letting us know.

We’re currently in the process of producing a new statement for you from 09/10/20 onwards with the correct data from your smart meters. This will be produced in the next 7 working days and will then give you your correct updated account balance. Once this has been produced, we can definitely look at processing a refund for any credit left on the account.

Thanks for your patience with this and let me know if you have any questions!

Freya @ Bulb

Hi there. Thank you for looking in to this.

Still no update on my account. Was said that this would be within 7 days and that was 19 days ago. Can this please be sorted. Thank you.

Hi @robwilkinson11,

Really sorry for the delay - I’ve popped you a reply to your email now!